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book dj inna ra


Her ascension in the DJ world has been meteoric. Since her debut in 2019, Inna RA has captivated audiences worldwide, spinning a web of beats that have caught the attention of the global community. Her breakthrough single in early 2022 was more than a hit—it was a siren call that echoed through the industry, culminating in her crowning as the winner of the prestigious Web3 DJ contest by DJenerates.

But it was on the legendary dance floors of Amnesia, Ibiza, where Inna RA truly shone, sharing the stage with titans like the Chemical Brothers and Nina Kraviz. Her sets are not just performances; they are electric dreams woven into the night, compelling the crowd to move as one.



Ignite the dance floor with Marcella, Thailand’s premier female DJ and social media sensation, whose beats resonate from the lush landscapes of Phuket to the pulsating nightclubs of Dubai and the vibrant party capitals of Europe. Marcella isn’t just spinning tracks; she’s spinning a global movement.

Her magnetic presence has captivated high-profile venues across continents, where she’s not only performed but transformed the very essence of electronic music. With a sound as exotic as her island roots, Marcella’s sets are a masterful blend of house, afro house, and techno, infused with deep, melodic rhythms that transport her audience to uncharted sonic territories.

DJ Kazzie


Kazzie the pulse of Saint Petersburg’s vibrant music scene. With a repertoire that spans the electric energy of techno to the rhythmic soul of afro house, Kazzie isn’t just a DJ; she’s a maestro of moods and a curator of beats.

Her journey behind the decks began in the underground bars of her hometown, where she quickly became a local favorite, known for her ability to transform any night into an odyssey of sound. Her sets are more than just music; they’re sonic adventures that weave indie dance, organic house, and minimal tech house into a tapestry of auditory ecstasy.

DJ Ragnarok


Get ready to be electrified by the unstoppable energy of DJ Ragnarok, Madison, Wisconsin’s very own master of beats and rhythms! This dynamic powerhouse is not just a DJ; he’s a musical chameleon, effortlessly blending his talents as a sensational singer and an enthralling karaoke host. DJ Ragnarok is the lifeblood of Wisconsin’s pulsating entertainment scene, known far and wide for his spellbinding performances that captivate and energize audiences.

dj Nastya Phuket


The dynamic force turning heads in the global club scene. From the pulsating floors of high-energy events to the sky-high vibes of rooftop extravaganzas, Nastya’s presence behind the turntables is a guarantee of an electrifying atmosphere.

Her sonic palette is a rich mosaic of EDM anthems, the cultural beats of Ethno house, the raw spirit of Organic house, the driving rhythms of Tech house, and the hypnotic melodies of Melodic techno. Nastya’s versatility is her signature, allowing her to tailor her music to the pulse of the crowd, ensuring a bespoke experience that resonates with each venue’s unique vibe.



Bert Bevans was born in Belize (then known as British Honduras) and moved to Queens in New York as a teenager in the early 1970s, where he began his DJing career playing at block parties in the area. He went on to be a resident or regular guest at a plethora of legendary NY disco-era spots such as Studio 54 and The Paradise Garage. In 1991 he and Justin Berkmann set up the Ministry of Sound in London, with he, Berkmann and Larry Levan among the club’s first resident DJs.

dj m booking for events and weddings


DJ M is no stranger to the music scene, Her sets are unique mix of wild energy and best bounce dance tracks. She also produce her own house music.

dj z dj bookings for events and weddings -min


Zoey mixes the best in House, be it Sexy, Deep, Funky or Soulful and Disco/Nu Disco. But can also play to suit your venue whether its Funk, Commercial, Nu Jazz or Soul. With the option to combine Zoey’s sultry vocals alongside her classy image and DJ skills, Zoey is quite the unique package for any event, club, bar or party. Whether you book Zoey soley as a Djane or intertwining her world class vocals with her mixing, you can count on her to get the crowd grooving


MARCO MEI is an Italian DJ with over two decades of globetrotting artist experience. Shaped during the early waves of afro and house music he started his career as a DJ back in 1991 and has since played at some of the most memorable events and venues sharing the decks with Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Ralph Falcon, Sander Kleinenberg to name a few. 

dj-stephen-day dj bookings


Originally from England, Stephen Day has been DJing for close to 18 yrs and has held residencies in the UK at clubs such as Gatecrasher (Leeds) and ‘The Empire’ (Middlesbrough); as well as many clubs / festivals all over Asia including Ministry of Sound, Stereolab, SupperClub, Kudeta, Avalon, Kilo, Kyo, W Hotel, ULTRA Music Festival, Neon Lights Festival, Gatecrasher (Indonesia) Potato Head (Jakarta, SG) Zoukout and more.  

Leomeo dj booking


Leomeo is today one of the most sought after D.J.’s internationally. Mixing exclusively for luxury hotels in Asia, fashion shows or for prestigious events every year he multiplies world tours from Paris to Sydney, Las Vegas to Shanghai and London to Ibiza.

As the official remixer for French Pop-Rock singer “Julien Doré”, Leomeo has also released his own musical productions with a success recognized by professionals and signed by recognised labels.



BRUNO FROM IBIZA is an integral part of Ibiza’s musical heritage. He released more than 20 compilations, most of them for CAFÉ DEL MAR selling millions of copies under his name. His residencies list some of the famous institutions on the island including CAFÉ DEL MAR, SPACE, BLUE MARLIN and ATZARO.



Paul Reed hails out of Northeast of England (UK.) His passion for music shines through in his live performances where he doesn’t really follow any guidelines but simply goes with what he feels right to bring the energy, mood and atmosphere to the venue.

dj-f booking for events and weddings


DJ F cutting-edge party rocking beats fills venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. Through incredible skills and her intense work ethic, She provides a refreshing change in the female DJ market with her overwhelming sick basslines and energetic rhythm.